Rent a large or small storage unit in Bakersfield, CA

Get Storage Space for All Your Items

When your belongings start to overwhelm your space, it's time to find a storage unit. Bakersfield Container Sales & Storage in Bakersfield, CA has large and small storage units available for monthly rental. Our large storage units are in a gated facility with drive-up accessibility. If you rent one of our self-storage units, you can store your belongings and access them whenever you want.

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What can you store in our units?

What can you store in our units?

You don't want to worry about the amount of space in your storage unit. With both small and large storage units available, we can provide space for all kinds of items. Just a few of the things you can store in our units are:

  • Furniture
  • Storage boxes
  • Tall pieces like lamps
You can put away any of the clutter in your home with one of our large or small storage units. With easy drive-up access, you won't even have to worry about hauling around your belongings. Contact us now to store your personal belongings safely.

We also provide portable storage containers

If you need of a storage container, but you'd like to keep your items close, consider investing in a portable storage container. Portable storage containers are great because they:

Are a cost-effective solution for storing your items
Allow you to have more storage space on your property
Are weather-resistant, keeping your property safe from wind, rain and snow

They also allow you to load your container on your schedule. You can protect your goods and have easy access to all your items with a portable storage container. Contact us at 661-281-1072 now for more information.